Heavy Metal Art

Bongfire ProjectBongfire Project

HMA plumbed propane gas underwater, creating propane gas bubbles that eventually developed into the Bongfire Project. Reciepient of 2017 Apogaea grant with 16 total units appearing that year. After showing up at many events and achieving popularity for the project.


Dracos Big DogDracos Big Dog

HMA was contracted by Gamma Space to fabricate the flame effect inside their 2019 Apogaea Effigy Project. Most likely the largest non-military flame thrower in Colorado, it launches 14 pounds of liquid propane at 400psi in under a second, creating an insanely massive flame.

Photo credit: no idea, google image search


Shake 'n FlameShake N Flame

Recepient of an Apogaea 2019 art grant, this project is silly. Utilizing a 3 axis accelerometer in the upper cylinder mounted to a spring, the harder you shake it, the more fire you get!

Testimonial: "It is so dumb but so much fun!" - random girl at Apogaea


Tetanus GeodeTetanus Geode

Tetanus Geode is a multifunction scrap metal flame effect. Several solenoids at various pressures, CVs and output locations in the sculpture create a dynamic effect as user interacts. Further, we like to add coloring chemicals for more funness. Flames dance around through the scrap steel tags, displaying a brilliances of fluid mechanics then heat the metal to a soothing glow.

It's pretty sweet but doesn't make it out much.


Jeep FireJeep Fire

I don't know who wouldn't have a turret mounted multifunction poofer/liquid flame thrower on their Jeep, but it sucks for them.


Experimental Flame ThrowerLiquid Fuel

Just a little 2015 backyard experiment with launching pressurized and flaming liquid fuel. Mixtures of mostly gasoline and diesel were used at up to 200psi through a modified aluminum scuba cylinder, creating up to 60 foot flames. Seeing an unsatisfactory art application to safety ratio, this project has been put on hold.

See also: flame thrower.


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