Heavy Metal Art

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Scrap Metal ArtScrap Metal Art

Evan Beloni began his art carrer in scrap metal around 2008 under the alias Heavy Metal Art.


Fire ArtFire Art

Somewhere around 2015, Evan found some inspiration to begin playing with fire arts. He plumbed propane gas underwater, creating propane gas bubbles that eventually developed into the Bongfire Project. After showing up at many events and achieving popularity for the project, many more fire projects followed.


Stainless ArtStainless Art

Technically still scrap metal art, these classy stainless steel sculptures are the next era of Evans creations.


Contract FabricationContract Fabrication

In 2017, Evan began contract fabrication with Elmendorf/Geurts and finally incorporated as Heavy Metal Art Engineering, LLC. These projects are contracted by other large scale public artists through E/G Studio.