Heavy Metal Art

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Evan Beloni is an artist, engineer and metal fabricator based in Denver. Evan has years of experience fabricating and installing large scale site specific public art. This experience has included working with architects, designers, curators and fellow fabricators the whole way through the process.

His current artistic direction focuses on a timeless and classy integration of highly polished stainless steel with weathered steel along with an exploration into a innovative new implementation of dichroic materials.

2003 -> present - literal tons of metal & electronics art
2023 - permanent commission for South Suburban Parks and Recreation (in progress)
2023 - Swiss Block, Lakewood Arts and Culture, Lakewood CO
2023 - Group Exhibition: Edge Gallery, Lakewood CO
2023 - Group Exhibition: Center for the Arts Evergreen, Evergreen CO
2023 - Shake N Flame, Big Money grant, Apogaea
2023 - Group Exhibition: R Gallery, Boulder CO
2023 - Rainbow Canopy - collab commission for very large tech company
2023 - Bubble Baskets - collab commission for very large tech company
2023 - Zagolith - sculpture at Arvada Center for the Arts & Burning Man
2022 - Tulip; Colorado Mills via 40 West Arts
2022 - Apogaea dual art grants Spiral Blossom & Super Classy Bongfire Bonus
2022 - Mirror Geode; South Suburban Parks and Recreation
2021 - collab commission for Meow Wolf Denver
2021 - Elsewhence art grant Fuel
2021 - Group exhibition Telluride Fire Festival
2019 - Apogaea art grant Shake 'n Flame
2017 - Apogaea art grant Bongfire Project
2016 - Collaborative project at Burning Man
2014 - Solo project at Burning Man
2007 - Solo exhibition South Main Art Gallery; Blacksburg, VA
2007 - Art at the Market award; Blacksburg, VA